Preventative Maintenance Checks and Services

At Grunwald Mechanical Contractors & Engineers, we know that the best way to minimize operational costs for your HVAC or plumbing is through routine preventative maintenance. Our maintenance technicians are trained to ensure that your mechanical systems are running smoothly and will continue to operate effectively until your next planned maintenance. Routinely inspecting and maintaining mechanical equipment can extend the life of your appliances and eliminate future repair costs.

Grunwald Mechanical will work with you to identify your maintenance needs and develop a customized plan of scheduled maintenance. Some of the maintenance services we provide include:

  • System inspections – Test your systems and provide options for addressing issues
  • Air filter services
  • Air quality monitoring
  • Water treatment services
  • Scheduled drain cleaning
  • Burner, condenser, coil cleaning
  • Thermostat calibration

Scheduled maintenance protects your investment and offers peace of mind. System inspections and prompt follow-up with any issues allows your mechanical system to run efficiently, so you have one less thing to worry about.

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